The Year 2014 Fanney and Sindri got the idea to start a local travel agency. The dream was to make a travel agency that was based in the Vatnajökull region (south-east coast) where the tours are operated and be in good contact with all the suppliers. Sindri has lived in Hofn almost all his life so the connection to nature, opportunities and to be in good touch with all the locals, Fanney have a good background in business management and basically holds all this together this was a perfect idea 🙂

All tours are operated by local companies that know the area very well. There are so many things you can see in Vatnajökull region that you would be able to spend weeks here to experience the spectacular nature

We specialise in private tours where you can see the unbelievable environment away from the crowd. Ice caving, glacier walk, jeep tours and allot of a natural phenomenon we can show you. Vatnajökull region is stunning for photographers.

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